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7 Mile Beach Information

Beach Tags

  • $30 Season
  • $13 Weekly
  • $6 Daily
  • $25 Season (purchased on or before May 31)

Beach tags are required for everyone 12 and older beginning May 28 through Sept. 6, 2021. Preseason beach tags will be available beginning March 1 at the Borough Hall's Tax Office.

Seasonal tags are sold for the preseason rate of $25 and are available either by stopping by the Avalon Tax Collector's Office at Avalon Borough Hall, or through the mail. Cash or checks by mail order will be accepted through Friday, May 14, 2021 to receive the rate. A receipt will be provided by mail to be used to exchange for the 2021 tag. On June 1, the cost of seasonal tags changes to $30. The Beach Tag Booth at Avalon Community Hall will be open on weekends 10am-4pm beginning April 3 and will be open daily starting May 1. The Avalon Chamber of Commerce, located at 2989 Ocean Drive, also will sell the 2021 seasonal beach tags and accepts credit cards as well as cash 

Purchase beach tags by using the mobile app Viply by clicking below on your mobile phone.
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Avalon Beach Tag Booth:
Avalon beach tags can be purchased at the Beach Tag Booth at Community Hall on 30th Street and Avalon Avenue or from any on-duty Avalon Beach Patrol Tag Inspector.

Protected Beaches

The following beaches are protected by members of the Avalon Beach Patrol: 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 26th, 28th, 30th, 32nd, 35th, 38th, 40th, 43rd, 50th, 57th, 61st, 65th, 69th, 73rd, 76th & 78th Streets.

Raft Beaches

Rafting is permitted at all bathing beaches. Kayaks (including inflatable and non-inflatable) and Bodyboads and/or Bellyboards with skegs are prohibited on any beaches in the Borough during the hours of 10am to 5pm. 

Surf Beaches

Surfing is permitted at the 30th Street Beach and  63rd Street beaches and either side of the 12th Street stand, but not near the bathers.

Public Parking

Public parking is available in Borough lots at 28th - 30th Streets & the beach, 32nd & Dune Drive behind the Municipal Building, on the corner of 21st Street & 5th Avenue and off Ocean Drive on 20th Street. All parking in Avalon is free of charge.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are available at Borough Hall (32nd & Dune Drive), Public Safety Building (30th & Dune Drive), Community Hall (30th & the beach), Tennis Buildings (8th & 39th Streets), 10th & Dune Drive and 30th Street and the beach (next to the Tot Lot).

Handicapped Access Surf Chairs 

There are handicapped ramps to the boardwalk at 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th and 32nd streets, and 8th and Avalon Avenue. There are ramps from the boardwalk to the beach at 22nd Street. Hard-packed gravel paths from street to beach are located at 9th to 20th, 32nd to 40th, 48th, 50th, and 57th to 79th streets. Handicapped accessible bay front piers are located at 20th & 5th Avenue, 23rd, 33rd, 27th, and 57th streets and 8th Street Pier at bayside. All acesses to the beaches in Avalon are in the interest of public safety. Due to storm events and beach erosion, at times access at a particular beach path may be closed until the beach or path is repaired. 

Surf Chairs 

Surf chairs are available at 9th, 30th and 80th Streets from 10am to 5pm. There is no charge for the chairs, but reservations are recommended. Call the Avalon Beach Patrol at 967-7587 to reserve.


Dogs and cats must be licensed; an animal-control warden is employed by the Borough, DOGS ARE PROHIBTED FROM BEING ON THE DUNES AT ANY TIME; dogs are prohibited from being on the beach and boardwalk from March 1 through Sept. 30. 

Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor Beach Tag Booth:
Stone Harbor beach tags can be purchased at the Stone Harbor Beach Tag Office on 95th Street and the Beach from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily or from a beach tag inspector on the beach.

Protected Beaches

The following beaches are protected by members of the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol: 81st, 83rd, 87th, 90th, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 100th, 102nd, 103rd, 105th, 108th, 110th, 112th, 113th, 116th, 117th, 120th & 122nd Streets.

Raft Beaches

Use of rafts and other inflatable objects are permitted at all designated beaches except 81st, 86th, 105th, 110th, 112th, and 122nd streets. 

Surf Beaches

Surfing is permitted at 81st and 110th Street beaches.

Public Parking

Stone Harbor parking meter fees are 25 cents per 15 minutes. Meters are in effect from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from May 1 through Oct. 1. Parking Permits are available in the Borough Clerk’s office at the cost of $225 per season. These permits are good in designated lots only. There are three-hour meters on designated streets, four-hour meters at two lots on the north side of 96th Street west of Third Avenue and one lot between Second and Third Avenues and Borough Hall.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are available at 95th Street and Second Avenue, 95th Street and the Beach and at 122nd Street.

Handicapped Access

Ramps are available from the street to the beach at 80th, 83rd, 88th, 92nd, 95th, 101st , 103rd, 105th, 111th, and 119th Streets. Access from the beach entrance to water’s edge at 95th and 119th Streets. There is access to pavillions at 89th Street and 101st Street to the beach.

Surf Chairs

A total of six chairs are available at the Beach Tag Office at 95th Street & the Beach. There is no charge for the surf chairs but reservations are strongly suggested. Please call 368-6805 to reserve a chair.

Kayaks and Catamarans

There are several beaches in Stone Harbor reserved for kayaks and catamarans. This beach stretch ranges from 122nd to 126th streets. Even if you aren't interested in taking a ride, the catamarans are beautiful to just sit back and watch. Don't forget that life jackets are required at all times when you are in the water. 


Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are NEVER permitted on the Stone Harbor Point Conservation Area. Dog walking is permitted between 80th and 122nd streets from 7pm to sunset from the Friday before Memorial Day through and including Labor Day. Dog walking is permitted between 80th and 122nd streets with no time restrictions from the day after Labor Day through and including the Thursday before Memorial Day.  


Concession stands will be located at the 83rd, 88th, 95th, 100th, 108th, and 122nd Street beaches.